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Making drone flights with high quality equipment for multi and hyperspectral images.

  • We offer the possibility of data collecting with the use of unmanned aircraft (drone) and cameras with spectral resolution, enabling detailed observation and plant vegetation process analysis,
  • We also offer the process of sending and securing data and its transfer and interpretation so as to help you in Your tasks.

We also conduct the following within other R&D activities

  • Spectral analysis of other cultivations in order to detect diseases,
  • High quality ortophotomaps using unmanned aircrafts, high resolution cameras (20 MPix) multispectral cameras for determining the condition of the cultivation,
  • We implement algorithms for image detection and artificial intelligence models, first of all for the use of plant disease detection, crop estimation, use of plant protection products and specifying other crop parameters,
  • Researching technology condition in precision farming.

Technology that we have

High quality equipment that we have enables us to take multispectral images as well as thermovision inspections.

Multispectral camera integrated with unmanned aircraft

Multispectral camera that calculates vegetation index of cultivated plants. In our company we use this solution to monitor cultivations in proper plants development.

Flights with such cameras are also used to build datasets that are used in the process of algorithm development of artificial intelligence prepared for precision farming needs.

Multispectral imaging allows to collect information about plants vegetation, water distribution and problems with irrigation, as well as agriculture loss and many others.

Hyperspectral camera integrated with unmanned aircraft

Hyperspectral platform is based on 6-rotary unmanned aircraft equipped with 150-band hyperspectral camera. This camera enables image registration in high spectral resolution within the range 470 nm to 900 nm and frequency of 65 frames per second.

The camera uses spectrometer in order to register changing conditions of lighting. It allows to gain the proper radiometric ortophotomaps even in changing lighting conditions during the flight. Such solution significantly improves effectiveness increasing the number of days in a year in which you can make the flight. The equipment is used for advanced analysis of agriculture cultivation and research related to connecting the hyperspectral vision technology and deep neural networks.

RGB camera with high resolution integrated with unmanned aircraft

Unmanned platform is equipped with a camera registering images in high resolution, useful in the process of data collection and ortophotomap building (images with geographical references). It allows for further precise location of registered objects.

We further on use collected images to make analysis, prepare vision algorithms or also in the process of training algorithms of artificial intelligence. Among the applications you can list cultivation analysis in terms of weeding, precise pointing of different objects on fields or detecting agriculture losses.

Hyperspectral spectrophotometer

Spectrophotometer used in our company allows making measurements with a large spectral resolution (1 nm) and in a wide spectral range (400-2500nm), unavailable for other equipment. It is worth noticing that we have mobile versions of the equipment that enables conducting research outside the laboratory – it is used in agronomic, geological and many other researches.

Using spectrometer allows fast measurements and research of phenomenon not visible for other equipment (observed far beyond visible light range). In our research this equipment is used for example for advanced research on early stage detection of disease in tomato cultivation.

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