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Field book

Application (also in mobile version) used for on-going data noting regarding treatment on the field, key events/activities on crop development and financial data connected with your field.

The entire set of this information enables the farmer to analyse and make rational decisions increasing the farm profitability.

Key features

Field Status Report

Service for delivering current information to the farmer about the development of their cultivation and any anomaly taking place within the season. Thanks to the system the user will be able to set the effectiveness of activities in process (e.g. spraying), as well as gain knowledge in which areas the actions that will enable to achieve the forecasted financial results are required.

Key features


Mobile application used for precise and automated identification of factors threatening specific cultivation (pest, weed and disease) and choosing the right counter-measure which is supposed to eliminate the imprecise choice of plant weed protection product and limit inappropriate use of several products instead of just one.

Key features

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