We are a group of trustworthy people that bring in great technological change.

We are the company that turns the challenges of everyday work into chances of increasing the agriculture effectiveness.
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Our beginning

We started from software creating and testing for different sectors, so that after a few years we could start our own R&D activity regarding Artificial Intelligence and Multispectral Imagining in precision farming.

With the years we started to focus more and more on the projects within precision farming as we see potential future problems connected with the necessity of feeding the growing population


What we are doing now

We see that thanks to the implementation of modern equipment and software technologies to a large extend we are able to support their farming and activities connected with farming. The process of proper fertilization, irrigation, dosing plant health products and precise analysis of the current situation on the field are just some examples.

Since 2016/2017 we have been working on the implementation of the most valuable technologies that are now developed in the world in the agriculture sector. The benefits that the world gains from them carry a large chance for increasing the efficiency and effectiveness in all farming.

Below we show some of the projects being realized by us


Advanced tool for experimenting and creating new vegetation indexes, created for the scientists working with multi and hyperspectral data.


Basing on satellite images YellowAI scans the area looking for blooming fields of rapeseed. The system analyses on an ongoing basis hundreds of satellite images from subsequent periods in order to get the best results.

Zibees Yards

Zibees Yards enables easy and fast seeking of the best places for setting migratory apiary. Basing on geo-satellite images ZiBees indicates optimal location for setting apiaries. Application map, basing on the intelligent video analysis, gives precise information as to the type of crop that we want to obtain, its quantity and the time of pollination start.

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